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So, I decided that I will start to use the Journal feature of Deviantart to journal some of my though processes that I go through while I’m making my Territory maps of Azeroth. So, Because this region has given me the most trouble with mapping, I’m going to start with it: Ashenvale.

Ashenvale, as anyone who has done the quests on both alliance and horde side knows, is a very, very confusing region as far as the status of the war goes. However, a few key concepts can be inferred from the quests and some blue posts:

1: The Horde quests come first, with the alliance undoing most of the progress that the horde makes.

2: The Falfarren River (The one on the west side of Splintertree post), is somewhat of a dividing line between the core Horde territories and the core Alliance territories. However, the horde has made a few pushes west of the river, notably to Silverwind refuge, Rayneewood Retreat, and, during the questing on horde side, to Astranaar itself.

3: Before the quests start, it would appear that the alliance blocked off most of the horde outposts in the east with a blockade.

4: The alliance, at the end of the questline, seems to be on the verge of victory.

5: In 5.4, after the siege, the alliance and horde struck an agreement: The horde must withdraw all forces from ashenvale, and the alliance will allow the horde to use Azshara’s lumber.

Now, with those key concepts, we can take a look at some of the individual forts in the region:


Splintertree: When the horde quests kick off, splintertree is just barely holding out from the alliance blockade. The horde hero, however, is able to break through the blockade and bring lumber and supplies to the post, from the Ramparts. Later on, the horde hero (Aka, you), uses demonic magic to break the siege of Splintertree post. This post remains in horde control through Cata and most of MoP, and serves as the horde central command in the region.

Eastern Nightsong Forest: I refer to the forests around splintertree and Warsong territory as the Eastern Nightsong forest (Any forest west of the falfarren river I refer to as the Western Nightsong forest.). These forests are cleared of alliance in one horde quest, where the horde hero kills the alliance scouts south of splintertree post. Also to note is the capture of silverwing outpost by a group of horde raiders. The roads through this area, however, remain alliance controlled.

Warsong Lumber Camp: This camp provided me with a lot of confusion, as it is a counter-example to the theory that the horde quests come first with the alliance second: At this camp, the order is reversed. Both way, the western half of the camp is alliance occupied, and even though the leaders of the alliance here are killed, it is presumed that the siege of the warsong lumber camp remains. Also to note is the horde general here is assassinated. The camp seems to be in a state of stalemate.


Rayneewood: Presumed alliance victory, as the alliance heroes use the shade of Shadumbra to kill off most of the assaulting horde, who were pushing in on victory after the horde quest (Which has you kill many of the dryads and the druid resurrecting them.)

Silverwind Refuge: Although the horde captures this camp some time before the quests, the alliance are presumed to retake it, as the alliance hero uses a mystical scepter to unleash the furbolg in the region on the horde. At the end of that quest, the quest giver says something along the lines of “It will be simple for us to retake it now…”

Astranaar: Pretty clear cut, the alliance quests completely undo all horde progress here.

Western Nightsong Forest: There is no contested territory in the western forest, only at the outposts IN the forest. As such, on the map, I gave most of the un-inhabited western forest (Remember, west in this journal entry means west of the falfarren river.), to the alliance.

AS OF 5.4: 

After the siege of Orgrimmar, my map now reflects that the alliance is in control of most of the territory that was once horde occupied in ashenvale. However, pockets of resistance remain, notably at the Morshan Ramparts, and a small area around there. 


    The conflict in Northern Kalimdor was one of the three main fronts of the war (the others being Central Kalimdor and Lordearon). The Horde, under new leadership of Garrosh Hellscream, launched many major campaigns into Ashenvale, the ancient homeland of the Night Elves, in order to gain more lumber for the Horde, due to the depletion of resources in Durotar and the Barrens. These campaigns happened in two main stages: 1st was the Wolfheart Campaign, 2nd was the Post-cataclysm offensive. During the first campaign, the Horde enjoyed initial success, destroying Silverwing Outpost and Silverwing grove, and pushing as far west as Silverwind Refuge, while Alliance leaders, who’s communications with Ashenvale had severed, were occupied with a conference at Darnassus. However, when a lone sentinel informed the leaders of the Alliance of the Horde Advances, a combined force of Kaldorei, Human, and Worgen armies pushed the Horde back, and finally defeated the Horde army at the battle of the Falfarren River. After the cataclysm, Garrosh remobilized the Horde military, and launched another attack into Ashenvale.The first part of the attack was slow moving, as Kaldorei sentinels locked down the Horde roads in the eastern half of the Nightsong woods (Eastern meaning east of the Falfarren River, which runs between Rayneewood and Splintertree). The Silverwing Sentinels were able to besiege Splintertree post, Warsong Lumber Camp, and also the Mor’shan Ramparts, blocking off reinforcements from the Barrens. Meanwhile, in Aszhara, the Alliance established a new base at Talendris Post, in an attempt to keep the horde from reinforcing Ashenvale. Horde adventurers from the Northern Barrens eventually broke the siege of the Mor’shan ramparts, allowing the Horde military to reinforce the besieged Splintertree post. Horde adventurers poisoned the forest heart, thus weakening the Alliance forces in the region, and striking a massive blow to the moral of the alliance. With the Alliance armies weakened, the siege of Splintertree was quickly broken. With Splintertree saved, the horde adventurers were able to turn their attention to Warsong Lumber Camp. There, they were able to assassinate the sentinel leaders who were commanding the attack on Warsong Lumber Camp. After the sieges of Splintertree and Warsong Lumber camp were broken, the Horde armies pressed westward, taking control of Silverwind Refuge by using a corrupted form of a water elemental, and also began an attack on Rayneewood tower and Rayneewood Retreat, killing many of the druids and sentinels stationed there. The Horde was even able to start firebombing Astranaar, and with victory in sight, they moved in to take Maestra’s Post, one of the few remaining Alliance encampments. While the siege of Maestra’s post was beginning, the Horde engineers at the captured Alliance base of Silverwind Refuge were finishing up a giant bomb, designed to be used on the Night Elves in Stonetalon. Many of the Horde forces started to move south to reinforce Krom’gar’s army in Stonetalon, as well. This success was short lived, however, when the mobilized armies of the Darnassus were able to break the siege of Maestra’s post, and pushed the Horde out of Astranaar. After pushing the Horde out of Astranaar, the Alliance armies reinforced Rayneewood retreat, breaking the siege there by taking on the shade of the Ancient spirit of Shadumbra, and killing many horde soldiers and destroying their demolishers.Alliance heroes were able to rebuild an artifact which allowed them control over the Furbolgs near Silverwind refuge, and used it to start a siege on the camp, eventually retaking most of it.The alliance military moved back eastward, cleansing the forest heart and killing the Horde overseer at the Lumber Camp.


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